This next semester, I have the opportunity to have a 1 to 1 laptop classroom. It is only for 1 class period, as I am trying to encourage the purchase of more laptops to our school by showing their benefit.

I am looking for online programs & downloadable programs that would be advantageous in a classroom with all students on laptops at all times. One of my goals is to eliminate as much paper usage in the classroom as possible.

Some programs that I am already aware of to implement:
1. Voicethread for uploading my PowerPoints & other video needs (along with Google video)
2. Angel- an online classroom site with the ability to upload most things, discussion, assessment, etc.
3. Adobe Acrobat Pro- to have interactive worksheets for students to fill out and send to me electronically
4. And I know of a variety of other sites mentioned in other posts that can be used for specific assignments such as Wordle

I am appreciative of any help that can be offered. The possibilities are really exciting to me!

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I haven't seen this one before. I have seen a similar, online version called Magic Pen. I am going to have to look into this some more. There were a few OpenSource games I tried out last year but, they were linux based and seemed to have a few glitches with windows (it was supposed to be a windows download). I had to remove them because it was causing too many problems. These days, I try to use as many ad free, online, programs as possible. I am the IT department. Just me. No others. With 110 computers and no servers (we're trying to get our wiring done for TWO servers). I also teach 7-8 grade science, Prek-6 computers and facilitate a chinese language distance learning program. I am a busy woman! Crazy, I think! The point is, I try to limit the amount of work I have to do. Ha!!
Amazing. Good luck with all that!!!
When I talked to our IT guy he already had a free license that he received for going to a workshop. Otherwise I would be using something else. Good idea with Google Docs though.
Watch out with that (though you don't have any way to know): that free license usually is meant to be used on a single computer. Installing it across the entire school would definitely get you guys into trouble.

I don't really believe Adobe would give away a full-blown site license for free for attending a workshop.

Just a comment on the side :)
Oh, sorry for the confusion. It is just on my computer. The students are using Preview or Acrobat Reader.
Ah, ok, good :) (it wouldn't have been my problem anyway, but it sounded weird, so I was just trying to help avoid problems with people with uniforms, hand-cuffs and loaded guns :))
World History for high school.
Thanks for starting this conversation. In my experiences in working with teachers in 1 to 1 laptop environments, it's not necessarily the software that is the issue, but understanding how to change my instruction to make the laptops valuable. If I continue to lecture, take notes, and ask the students to fill out worksheets then the laptop is not adding value to my classroom, and in fact can get in the way. However if I can think about how I can have students creating maps that identify important aspects of battles in the civil war and annotate those battles using some mapping software then I'm adding value to the class. Or if I think about having students create graphs of data, using fooplot, capture that graph and post it into a wiki page so I can discuss the linear attributes of this data, create a linear regression model and use that model for making predictions then I am using the tool for adding value.
I guess what I'm trying to say is what would you like students to be doing with the laptops in your classroom is a better place to start than what tools are available. There are lots of great lists of tools out there and here are a few in my bookmark list: ,,, 100-awesome-classroom-videos-to-learn-new-teaching-techniques/, My 100 favourite resources (articles postings, PDFs, presentations,.... Some are lists of tools and others are just discussions of using web 2.0 apps.

I like Terry'sresponse, he is showing how he wants to use the computers which is incredibly valuable. I'm going to point you to a colleague who integrates technology into her classroom as well as any teacher I've ever had the pleasure of working with Angela Cunningham and her class Ning. She doesn't have a 1:1 school, but if she did WATCH OUT.

Anyway, I think it's a great idea to push for more connectedness in classrooms, but if you want to really convince administrators to spend the money (especially in these hard economic times) then you need to show them the value that these computers add to student learning. If the students get involved your sales job will be a lot easier, because if they are engaged, they will spread the word and that means parents will support your argument. In these times of highly accountable testing, the computers have to impact test scores. Anyway, thanks for sharing and I look forward to more discussion.

Thanks Roland for the resources. I agree that to show value, using the laptops has to replace and improve what the classroom used before. There are so many things that I could use, I will probably spend a lot of my time sorting through them all.



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