The mental health and emotional well-being of children is a topic very close to the hearts of educators. Our students deserve to grow up in a school environment where they feel safe and welcome, where their opinions are valued, and where they can be themselves. Bullying can lead to serious emotional issues like depression and, in some tragic cases, suicide. So it's important that we recognize the signs and symptoms of children who are being bullied and have interventions in place to put a stop to it. Most importantly, we should focus on preventing it.

Here are 3 suggestions on how to stop bullying:

1) Educate your students. Talk to your students about bullying and encourage them to express their own experiences or feelings. Engage in role plays or role reversals to help them see both perspectives; some children may not realize that they are either being bullied or are bullies themselves. 

2) Encourage 'Upstanders.' Bystanders can be just as guilty as bullies because the bystanders either laugh at the student who is targeted or they watch silently and do not intervene. Encourage your students to instead be 'upstanders' who defend or stand up for students who are bullied or who are being bullied themselves. These 'upstanders' should also be educated on instances when it is best to ask a caring adult for help.

3) Create a safe environment. The teacher is responsible for shaping a classroom that is based on compassion and mutual respect. By creating classroom rules based on respect and inclusion with your students you will encourage them to feel involved and attached to these rules.

There should never be a circumstance when a child does not feel loved or respected in a school environment. As a closing thought, here is a wonderful music video that I find particularly inspiring, and hope will inspire all of you:

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Awesome! Teachers have to careful about to stop bullying. But students should always concentrate towards their study.

We should encourage students to be "upstanders". Only then we will be able to see a better society in future.



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