Technology is ever present around us, becoming a natural part of our personal and professional lives. An important aspect of a modern teacher’s role in the classroom is to integrate technology into classroom teaching, across curriculum and not just in a separate computer class.

Research shows that effective technology use in the classroom helps deepen and enhance the learning process. Technology also helps teachers in many unexpected ways such as providing educators with more effective methods of teaching to diverse students with varying levels of needs, assess student understanding through different means, and even strengthen the relationship between teacher and student through new activities.


There is a myriad of online resources out there but here are some useful education technology resources for educators in lesson planning:

  1. Prezi - build presentations that will wow your students. You ca create all kinds of cool things with your lessons, even allowing collaboration between teachers.
  2. Planboard – helps you organize your lessons and allow for your day to run smoothly
  3. MasteryConnect - How are your students performing with regard to state and common core standards? This tool makes it simple to track and analyze both, as well as other elements of student performance.


What technology tools do you like to use in the classroom?

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These are no doubt Great educational tools, and Here I would like to share myly through which teachers from classroom easily communicate with parents.

Technology runs the world. This a fairy good implementation of educational strategies. One of them is raising the academic integrity and making education plagiarism-free. Among the variety of choice, I have chosen Unplag plagiarism checker - an educational tool which is able to identify duplicated text and wrong formatted citations. What is useful for me that it is able to recognize the letters from other alphabets, so it is almost impossible for my students to cheat. 

Prezi is one of the best edu tools I have ever come across.

I have discovered another great teaching tool: it is called “mysimpleshow”. I use it to create short explainer videos for classroom use. Check it out at . You can also look at a few examples of simpleshow videos on youtube. Very useful indeed!

Great list, and with all the amazing innovation we have seen from teachers around the world using our free iPad app & our new apps. I have never heard of PlanboardPrezi, or MasteryConnect. I like that they are resources to help teachers with their lesson planning. So often technology is strict to be used in the classroom. It's nice to see some technology that is useful for helping teachers organize their plans.

Benefits of using mobile applications in education:-

More Social


Availability 24/7

Relaxation Hours Utilization

Systematic Learning 


More Than Just Children

Planboard :-Make sure your lessons are organized and that your day runs smoothly with the help of this amazing online tool designed just for teachers.

Prezi:- Prezi for presentations, because PowerPoint can be bland sometimes. Make use of this online tool that makes it simple to do all kinds of cool things with your lessons, even allowing collaboration between teachers. 

MasteryConnect: - Master Connect makes it simple to track and analyze both, as well as other elements of student performance.



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