This is my first forray into social networking online, so I'm learning as I go. I have sent out a lot of friend invites, but they were done with a purpose. I'm trying to find folks nearby (Hi Clovis), and folks in elementary schools. So if folks are wondering, "Who is this woman, and why is she asking to be my friend?", it's part of my secret plan to reshape elementary teaching. Okay, it's not that secret, but now I'm trying to make you part of the conspiracy.

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Well, I am excited to be a part of your "secret", Alice! I agree; teaching needs to be reshaped and participation in this "conversation" is a great start.
Awesome, the ball is rolling...
I am currently an elementary technology teacher. I would like to be your friend.
I'm not seeing a lot from having friends here. I have a feeling it might make a difference as we get larger. I was thinking that tagging on the messages might be better way to aim your messages (elementary, secondlife, etc.) I think it's a bigger deal in a larger pool with people in a collector mentality? It may end up meaning little to nothing here with this group. I'm just waiting to see what happens with it, but I'm not letting it keep me from reading others, etc.



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