I am using Google Tools in my classroom. I teach A+ computer service and Cisco networking at a public technical high school. I have a one-to-one computer to student ratio. I use Gmail, Talk, Calendar, and all the Docs.

I have the browser home page to http:\\partnerpage.google.com\pcnet.jatc-sandy.org and the computers are scheduled to start the browser at login.

Instead of writing the days announcements, assignments and reminders on the white board, I use a shared document to advise the students of the day’s expectations. The calendar is great to let the students and parents know of upcoming activities. I have the students research topics and create a presentation which they then present to the class. To turn these in, they simply share them with me. I then comment directly on the presentation as feedback to the students. I have used the spreadsheet as a sign-up sheet.

I use Talk in class to take roll, the students login and when online, their icon turns green. I also use Talk in class to allow students access to me without interrupting all other students. Some students are more willing to ask a question if they feel more anonymity and less observed by their peers.

I had occasion to attend a conference while a substitute teacher looked after the class. I took the opportunity to check in on the class. Once I messaged one student to have the rest of the class to login, I was able to answer a couple questions and provide some motivation for the students to be productive while I was out of the classroom.

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Hi Ben,
Sounsd like your really in to this. How do you find using google talk, do the class not chat amongs themselves with it?
Thanks Ben, really good to hear how you're using the various applications and also to hear your enthusiasm coming through loud and clear.



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