Hello everybody!

I found this site browsing the web, and thought it would be a great place to make a shout out.

I am the founder of a new web technology startup for schools. We have developed a new learning management system that is on the bleeding edge of technology - it incorporates safe social networking, podcasting, video embedding, community features, and everything else you can imagine all in an intuitive, easy to use environment.

If you're interested shoot me an email.

-Victor Ramon

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OK, Victor, so giving the pricing of your product in the forum kind of goes beyond the "non-commercial" nature of this site. We really encourage vendors to *participate* in the discussions here, and to contribute to helping educators become familiar with Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies, but we ask that vendors don't "pitch" their products.

Glad to have you here, hope you'll understand the balance we're looking for. :)

Sorry Steve, I didn't realize this. I apologize. I just wanted to let the community know that we're an option.

I changed it up a bit to make it feel more informative and less like a pitch. Let me know if it will be OK.
Good work. I went to the site but couldn't see anything. Did I miss a link?

Would love to talk to you about this. I'm stevehargadon on Skype, or steve@hargadon.com email.

The web url is www.StudentLinkEdu.com, but we are redesigning the site right now. Should be up soon.

We'll talk soon - I would like show you StudentLink and see what you think.



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