I am an ITRT at a high school. I have a student who has lost the use of her left hand which is the one with which she writes. She cannot use her right hand well. I need a program which will allow her to call out a math problem step by step and through voice recognition the problem will go into a word processing program. She has her own laptop. She has a TI-83 calculator on it. And we have access to Math Type and Math Player. (Math Player reads the problems to her. We don't need that.) Someone must have a student in a similar situation. If you are going to recommend a device, please understand she is in advanced math and needs advanced math symbols. Please help.

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I would find out if the word recognition software she uses works with math type of academics, so if you can contact their technical support to find math academics that are compatible.

How much ability she has on her right hand? I would incourage use of that hand as much as possible to make it functional. If she can have enough mobility to activate a switch that manuvers a math software, What better! ( Does she have shoulder , elbows movements, right hand grasp?)

I would recommend you to contact the occupational therapist assigned to your school to evaluate her ability to use a switch to access her computer, hope this can be an option for your student. Voice recognition can be hard to setup to match the voice of the student and does not promote functional use of her remaining use of her upper body.

Good Luck!
Math Talk is what you need. It works in combination with Dragon Naturally Speaking but is for all math levels. Check it out here.



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