If anyone is interested Moodlerooms will be sponsoring a free webinar on using Moodle to make online learning more effective and affordable by using Moodle. The event is March 4th at 2PM EST, sorry for the late notice. Martin Dougiamas, the creator of Moodle, will be one of the presenters for the webinar. The format is discussion based with a question and answer period to follow.

There is more information and registration here:

If you have any questions on Moodlerooms or Moodle I would be happy to help.

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The solutions that you listed look great and I would recommend people check them out.

I put this post up for anyone who is interested in listening to Martin Dougiamas speak about Moodle. I would highly recommend listening to Martin where ever you get the chance. He is an electric speaker that is passionate about continuing to push learning online in a collaborative teaching environment.

Our hosting solution is not for everyone. We provide hosting at a dollar per student per year on an enterprise level platform. We host Moodle and nothing else. Every installation that is hosted through us is maintained by a staff of programmers that work exclusively in Moodle. Moodlerooms is a Moodle Partner which means we give back 10% of all revenue to continuing the improvement of Moodle.

Many companies claim to host Moodle, only Moodle Partners contribute back to the community.
Moodlerooms has a full time development staff that works on integrations and code development. They are out on the west coast where the coding world is hot. Currently they are working on some projects that will integrate some pretty cool webtools into Moodle.

So far, nice job keeping within the spirit of the guidelines for commercial participation here. Thanks for being balanced. We want to avoid any real "pitching" of commercial products here at CR 2.0.

As an open source LMS Moodle relies heavily on its community the trust of its members. I have read some of your work which brought me to this site and your wiki. I would not want to do anything to jeopardize the trust you have built in your community. I understand the needs to keep social networks free from advertising and corporate promotion.

I posted this after reading the interest in using Moodle on your site. If you would like me to I can pull this comment and delete my user profile. I assure you that my intents are to spread the word about the power of Moodle and it's community.

No. Like I said, I think you've done a good job. Glad for the additional voice on Moodle!



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