How are you using YouTube/Teacher Tube with your classroom?

We have started using You Tube and Teacher Tube in our K-12 classrooms for a variety of activities including (but not limited to) political science commercials, commercial spoofs and so on. We will be presenting at a tech conference at the end of April and am looking for other ways that you are using. Credit will definitely be given!
Here are links to our district HAL You Tube and Teacher Tube pages. Thanks for sharing!

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I've started making youTube videos for my students and I've offered extra credit if they do one.

The theme is "You are a 21st Century Learner" and I'm asking them each to think about how they learn, the resources they use, and how they use them. Some of them have recently joined CR20 as a classroom assignment to do an ethnography on social networking culture.

Oh, and my students are almost all teachers in graduate school who are going for their masters.

(Hi, class!)
I found this page is like teachertube but without all those ads, i think is kind of a new site but it is really good

I just got a flip camera for Christmas and I have taped my kids doing a water cycle song in science and demonstrating how to do Lattice and Partial Product Multiplication. The kids love the filming. I would like to get them to the uploading and editing part but filming is where it stands for my fourth graders (I am training them on how to use the flip camera so they can do the filming and I can glare at or stand next to my noise makers during filming :) I uploaded them to TeacherTube and then embedded them onto our classroom blog ( The kids love seeing how many "hits" their video has received and someone recently rated one of their demonstrations at 5 apples and they were thrilled.

As for using YouTube and TeacherTube...our district IT folks recently unblocked both for teacher logins only. Prior to that I was using the video recording device associated with the Promethean board to record what I wanted from home to show in class.

Recently I have been checking out math tutorials on both sites and creating links through my classroom website ( I let the parents know if their child is struggling with a concept that they can watch it demonstrated at home (or if they need to be able to help their child they can view it for themselves). Several students said that they have used the videos to help them with their homework.

My next YouTube video I am showing is How to Build a Compost Bin and there is a video on what happens inside a composting bin I will also show.
Thank-you for sharing how you are using the flip camera. I have one too and would like to use it when school resumes after our summer break.



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