Anyone interested in doing a Flat Classroom Project covering general Algebra 1 topics? Do you know anyone who would be interested?

For those of you who have seen Vikki Davis' Flat Classroom Project and wished that it could be pulled off in a math classroom, lets get together and figure out how to pull together an online collaborative project.

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I would be interested. What did you have in mind?
If we could find a way to get a large group of math teachers together to essentially build an online community of math students who could create "the guide" for secondary mathematics I think that it could be an effective use of technology that the world could benefit from.

The problem is getting the teachers together in the same place (site) and organizing the effort.
We could do a webinar. Or you could post an outline of what needs to be done and teachers could sign up for the ones they want to do.
I agree, goo suggestion.

2 quick questions:

1) What software do you think would be the best tool for writing curriculum for math?

2) How can we get a large group of math teachers to the same online space?
Two quick answers:

1) There is no singular "best software". The "best" software for the job is the one that accomplishes the task. In our classrooms, we only have ourselves to please. To share our work with others, we need to think in terms of global compatibility. There are already global standards - PDF, AVI, etc.

2) That's what Classroom 2.0 is here for. If needed with can start another group.

When tackling a big project, I always keep in mind a wise saying: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

In other words, start the project and the other people will join in (one by one). Let the project grow and address its needs as they develop.



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