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I am starting research on my second book and I need your help. I am collecting stories from individuals who have a story (humors or not) dealing with their IT department. This book will focus on how to build a working relationship with the IT department. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated. You can either post them here or send an email to

Antwon Lincoln

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Thanks for your reply. When working with teachers, what challenges to you have to deal with? Do you have any stories from the other side?
Maybe we can collaborate. I have written a book that is published. Confessions of a Technology Leader

I can share with you how I got it published

When I was a little more hands on with the tech end while at my previous school, I learned about the need to be speak clearly and precisely. Since it was the end of the day, I asked the Grade 3 teacher to have her students shut down the computers in the lab. Our servers are also located in the same room. Predictably, when I came back five minutes later, every single computer, including the servers, had been shut down. The teacher was incredibly apologetic, and I learned to be a little bit more precise in my requests.



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