Last week, a colleague and I went to a conference on using technology in the classroom. As we drove home we were discussing all the great things that he had seen and heard. He then asked me what one thing he should do to get started. So, what do you think? What would you suggest to someone with very little computer experience aside from using it for a word processor?

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I would suggest directing him to a wiki that covers classroom2.0 concepts like the 21st Century Learning Wiki at ABPC. Check it out!
From my perspective, Bud Hunt spoke of the best approach: What is it that he wants to get done? How can these tools help him in his classroom and personally? Remember, he is a beginner. Although Blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, web 2.0 are powerful ways of gaining information, I suspect they would be a bit overwhelming to a beginner. Too much information is as problematic as too little information. Start where he is and make simple connections that relate to his own experience and skills.

I mentioned this on your blog as well, but after reading the discussions here, I still lean towards Classroom 2.0 or a blog as a way to get him started.

He has a lot of experience as a teacher, and so a lot in his toolbox already. As he writes about what he knows, and sees what others share, I think that will self-direct him towards what he wants to learn and do.

Here in classroom 2.0 he'd find support and ideas. On a blog of his own, he could reflect on his learning(and he has a great model!)

Pulling some blogs into a feed is also a good idea, but I think we begin to learn the most and reflect the most on what we want to accomplish when we begin writing about it.

I also really like the model at Charlotte Mecklenberg Library--they have a Learning 2.0 self-training module that runs over 8-10 weeks. Each week you try out a different tool which they guide you through. Knowing what is possible and as an experienced teacher, seeing the classroom possibilities, is a great way to build enthusiasm and skills.



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