My school district is looking into changing our policy of banning electronic devices from our schools. :-) We are looking for examples of other districts that allow electronic devices with expectations for how they will be used. Can anyone help?

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Our school district is in the middle of revising it's cell phone policy. I blogged about it here:
Our school division allows schools to create their own policy. This is great for us because we can work with the students in creating how things will work. So, we have a no cells in class policy unless there is an emergency. At that time, the teacher is to be notified who will be calling. We have found this to be successful. Cells are to remain in lockers or bookbags and, if a student pulls one out or uses one, the teacher is to take it away. We then have various options depending on the frequency of a student having the phone out during class. For us, parents have no problem having us keep them for the day after 3 misuses. Parents have been very cooperative since we have decided that banning them would be impossible. We are trying to have a proactive approach nowing that, in short order, students will be able to use the phones for doing work. Actually, some have been using them in one of my classes to take pictures for their class work. With my and the teacher's permission of course:)
Kelly, I'm curious. What percentage of your kids HAVE cell phones? Is there a class divide/access issue? If there are kids who don't have cell phones, how do you get them the experience of taking a picture for their class work?

I'm really interested because it seems that my students are either "have-all-the-tech-toys" or "have-nots" these days, with no middle ground in sight. I have one student whose family chooses not to have television, even--and one student whose family wanted to bring in their personal HDTV for his latest presentation so that his video would be the "best quality" possible.

I want to have my "have-nots" get access and experience, so they won't be lacking confidence or clueless when they move on to larger venues. I want to equalize some the class issues and make things more a matter of gaining experience, as well. Have you faced any of these issues, too?
My school, an elementary school, allows kids to bring electronic devices, but they must remain in the child's bookbag while in the school building. The idea being that since many kids have long bus rides, this allows them to use phones, games, etc. while on the bus.
I so much appreciate the suggestions and resources! A small committee in my district will soon be getting together to draft a proposal. Keep the suggestions coming. I will share what we come up with. :-)



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