I noticed the book recommendation discussion posted by Carolyn Foote so I thought I'd throw out another challenge---I need novels for gifted readers (grades 4-6; reading levels 7-12+) There are several issues:
1. The books have to be recently released or the kids will have already read them
2. The content needs to be appropriate but the themes can be mature
3. They love read aloud books that contain clues, intrigue or historical connections

We've read some wonderful novels in our book studies in the last three years--- this is from my blog:

We started with Eragon by Christopher Paolini. The book isn't great but was written by a 15 year old ( my point was that if a 15 year old could write a best seller, you could too) --kids loved it and the sequel Eldest. It's become a cult favorite and we are awaiting the 3rd installment, Brisngr in September. We went as a group to see the movie when it came out.

We then read Chasing Vermeer and The Wright 3 by Blue Balliett. I love the "daVinci Code" type books for kids---books with clues, intrigue and historical connection. I wrote curriculum for both these books. Kids love Airborn by Kenneth Oppel. It's in the Steampunk genre, according to one of my sons. They also loved the sequel Skybreaker. We did an online book discussion of Airborn, you can find the questions here. Look under the Moodle icon and use baguest as username and password.

Last spring we read The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick which has the historical connection to invention of movies. It is a brilliant book, half of the 580 pages are illustrations but not in a typical format. The illustrations tell the story---like a graphic novel. The problem with this book is that everybody has to have a book---not a good read a loud. I did not write a curriculum for it but easily could have.

I have several others I haven't used yet. Endymoin Spring by Matthew Skelton has the history of books as its back plot. The end is a little weak, but I'm going to use it eventually. I haven't read Valley of Secrets by Charmain Hussey yet--but plan to. It is wrapped up in the rain forest fauna and flora.

My 4th graders read Peter and the Starcatchers last fall. (I thought it was OK, kids loved it) Currently my 4th graders are reading The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Stewart and they love it, too.

Anybody else have any fabulous suggestions? Thanks in advance, N.

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The Hobbit, True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, The White Mountains (part of a trilogy), Treasure Island, The Phantom Tollbooth, and Montemorency (has a few iffy words in it). :) Enjoy
I have been teaching gifted second graders for the last 8 years and I'm going to a Montessori school in the fall in a mixed 3rd 4th grade class so I've been reading A LOT this summer! I found a book you might like-it's the first in a series and it's called The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan. It's about two kids who's parents are dead and their grandmother (who dies right at the beginning of the book) offers them a choice in her will-take a million dollars each or follow the clues she has set forth to find out about their family and maybe change the course of the world. There is a lot of action and some great social studies kind of connections. In this one there is a lot about Benjamin Franklin and the kids travel to Paris and find out about the clues there. It was very fast paced and there is also a great website with games and a place to share clues. Apparently, the fifth book in the series is coming out soon. I really liked it and I'm going to the library today to look for some of your suggestions!
Some excellent sources for G/T reading lists are: Some of my best friends are books : guiding gifted readers from preschool to high school / Judith Wynn Halsted. Great Potential Press, 2002. ISBN 0910707510 (this book includes plot synopses and guidance on bibliotherapy for G/T students). Two pages on Hoagies' Gifted Education with recommended titles for G/T readers are Hot Topics Reading Lists! and More Reading Lists . Some of my favorite authors for G/T readers are Avi and Clements. Our school has an extensive summer reading list (required and recommended) which I'll look over and I'll try to add some more personal recommends later this week.



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