I am the technology coordinator for a small (250 student) 4 - 8 school located in a high poverty urban district. We are trying to outfit our school with computers and looking at using NComputing cards to decrease the cost of putting multiple PCs in each classroom. NComputing puts a network card into a desktop box that you can then connect to 3 other monitors, mice, and keyboards. In effect, you get 4 terminals that share the resources of one computer. Supposedly it works fine as long as you aren't using graphically intensive programs. Using this solution we are looking at putting 4 terminals into each of our 10 classrooms for about $15,000 - $17,000. Has anyone used this product? How satisfied were you with it?

We are also looking at purchasing a laptop cart. I know Apple has a solution but I haven't researched many others. Can anyone share experience with purchasing and using a laptop cart?

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Janine, we are waiting for the no CPU, no motherboard, no hard drive, dummy laptop coming out from Fiddlehead. It has nothing in it except a small LCD screen, keyboard, and trackball, and a low power transceiver. It runs off of the 32 or 48 user Fiddlehead server. I heard that they are working with several large potential partners to develop this. It would have 8-10 hour battery life, cost around $150 and run just like a regular PC, but all of the work would be done on the backend. I saw this running at a show and it runs EXACTLY like a regular PC, but it is more like a TV receiver. ...and since everything happens on the backend Fiddlehead server, tech support is a lot easier whether it is on the laptop version or the desktop version.

I represent VCOM International Media Corp - one of our divisions (Buhl Industries) may have the solution you are seeking concerning laptop carts. Laptop Carts can be found at:


You may also want to view our Hamilton Electronics site (Products for Education):






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