In my opinion, Twitter is a killer social networking app. Its easy to use, fun & unobtrusive. There are no doubt numerous ways to respond in no more than 140 characters to Twitter's perennial question: What are you doing?

Well, here's another way to Tweet! In case you didn't know its possible to post messages to Twitter using your Skype account & also receive updates from those you follow.

There's actually a Skype bot that, with the right instructions, will post to your Twitter account. Here's how...
1. Login to your Skype account
2. Add twitter4skype as a contact
3. Type the following as a SINGLE (this is important) chat message to twitter4skype:

/account (shift+return)
yourtwitteraccountname (shift+return)
yourtwitteraccountpassword (shift+return)

4. The system should return: twitter4skype Registration complete!
5. The next time you type a chat message to twitter4skype, the entry will appear on your Twitter account and you’ll receive Twitter updates from those you follow via Skype
Note: the twitter4skype contact add & registration confirmation are two separate processes. Skype may not respond instantly. In my case, each process took a day or so > i was good to go in about 48h

Get started with Twitter: create an account @
Download Skype for free @

Happy Tweets ;p

ps. want to learn more?! feel free to follow me @

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I have to say, that is pretty impressive. When I put in a link to this post, it even changed it to a Tiny URL. Technology never ceases to amaze me...
Hi Chad,

I used Twitter4Skype for the first few months that I used Twitter. It really helped to get me into it. It's just what I needed, which was a service that started with my computer and in something I was already using every day. I need to be forced into following :)

However, it is really terrible for getting at the functionality of Twitter and following the various kinds of posts: direct messages, replies, regular posts, and so forth. My biggest problem was typing user names incorrectly when trying to reply. That why I moved on to other services.

I'm using Twirl now and it is really incredible. Really makes the whole experience better in my opinion.

I wish there were a setting to make it load when my computer starts, but this is easy enough to do. Just put a shortcut to the .exe in your start up folder.

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