My Prep students (age 5-6 years old) get bored easily during Computer Lab time, where they learn how to type using the software called "Type To learn". I found out that even though it's very simple and combined with various typing games, the kids would easily feel bored and it doesn't seem to excite them. Can anybody please give some inputs, I'd be glad to hear from you guys

Thanks :)

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You could try using music. I use Pandora from the Internet. It seems they get into a rhythm. I also have them get up and stretch periodically.
If we did that our whole network would slow to a crawl.
Wow, Dotty, that doesn't mean every network would. You may be correct for your district, but Janet has a good idea. I love Pandora and I regularly use music so that kids practice to various songs. Pandora would be great for that - limitations aside.

I teach touch typing with my son at http://www.ratatype.com/ . He loves to compete with his FB friends.

Here are enlightened some of the common responses of kids that they prefer. Usually kids prefer stories, conversation, visuals, and simple things rather than didactic, monologue, verbal, and complex things respectively.



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