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I need some suggestions for my European project Let's Learn Together. I want teachers from different countries to work together on their lesson-preparations. An example: a trip to London is a topic that students learn about in different schools. So, I want to compare the different approaches to prepare this lesson and make them better using opensource-platform, web2.0 utilities etc.... Anyone some suggestions ?

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Robert, our system Yacapaca has some good collaborative authoring tools. You, and the teachers in your project, would be very welcome to join.
Hi Robert,
why not using moodle as collaborative working platform? It has all the necessary features from communication to working on a wiki and recording podcasts etc... You could set up a moodle room where you give the tutor rights to the students f.i. Web2.0 applications can be used for this topic- I started an example with a similar topic (Paris) where you can get teachers from different classes work together with students.
If you are interested in having a look at this, I can give you access to this course which I have set up for teacher training purposes to show the possibilities of moodle for collaborative learning. Just drop me a line.. I can also register you in the course so you can try out the features by yourself.
What age are your students? Might be interesting to work together...
Hi Sigi,

Yes, I'm interested in your moodle-course for collaborative learning. I already have setup a new moodle-installation for the project. I use Claroline opensource-platform now and some of my partners are convinced it much easier to work with then Moodle. If you want I will also give you access to my project-platform and you can see for yourselves. This is my dilemma: platforms are being updated on a regular base and which one to use.
The project Let's Learn Together will first focus on teachers creating and sharing content together. Afterwards, students will be involved to evaluate our work.
Hi Robert, I am personally convinced that Moodle is THE platform for this kind of learning for several reasons:
Its open source and ha s a huge community already where you find help on anything you might need.
Its very easy to handle also for beginners as you do not need all the fetures from the start.
It has very good communication features from chat to messages to forums.
I have used it for collaborative working with 2 groups from Austria on the MOSEP project and this part of the project worked very well!
Here is the link for the course:
USer: george
Password: washington
Kurs: Verschiedenes/möblierter Kursraum
If you have problems logging in, let me know...
Remember this is just a course to give teachers ideas!!!



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