Another teacher asked me today if I knew of a program that would take audio, such as speeches or recordings that could be easily transcribed or made into transcripts for his SPED students. Is there a program out there that will do this? Thanks!

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Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but I know that MS Onenote has audio recognition built in. Looks like this article shows you somewhat how to do it, if not at least get you started.
Thanks for the help-I'll look into this!
I took a further look and it looks like it won't work for this particular assignment, but now that I know about it I can definitely use it with something. Thanks for the tip!
Great.. glad to help. I think the keywords I used in google were: text to speech transcription, audio to text transcription, you would probably want to throw in the terms open source or free if you don't want to pay much as it seems the technology for doing this type of thing seems to be up there in price. I would also recommend setting your search to a defined period of time such as within the last year since it appears that this type of thing is really just starting to bloom.



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