Greetings all.

I have the opportunity to purchase between 15-30 digital cameras for classroom use. Any suggestions on make/model and your own experiences are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Budget: the closer I get to $100/camera the better.

The criteria:
-use AA batteries (rechargeable)
-cheap enough to be dropped and everyone remains calm
-simple/no zoom
-accepts memory card
-shoots 640x480 video with sound
-has a real viewfinder

UPDATE: Thanks to all whp responded. Looks the the Canon A470 is the best bet.

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We bought Hamilton cameras. I wrote a post on my blog for my teachers:
The one thing I would avoid is the cameras that have the lens that feeds out when powered up. I purchased 2 Canon Powershots for my classroom because they were a step up from the Kodak Easy Share cameras that I have. Once Canon lasted a week, as the first time it was dropped the lens dented. $100 down the drain. Do you really need a classroom set? I have 6 cameras for my classroom and they are rarely all checked out at once. When I give an assignment some students rush for a camera, others wait 2-3 days and work on other projects. Somehow it just all works out. One important purchase is a card reader - students plugging their cameras into the computer works for a while, but it took less than one semester for 2 cameras to have the pins bent. Rather than stress about them, I just have them use the USB card reader - no problems so far! And extra sets of rechargeable batteries so you always have backups!



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