What are some ideas you have for collaborative projects - whether it be with a school down the road, in your city/town, interstate or overseas?

*writing blog posts about favourite books
*sharing photos of school lunches
*writing blog posts to ask students somewhere else about their lives

Remember, you don't have to know HOW to go about your ideas just yet. You are here on Classroom 2.0, which is a great place to ask someone what tools to use!

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I'd love to get some groups together next year. I'm a tech coordinator in San Diego, CA and I have six schools of k-6 students to connect . Next year we will have access for all teachers set up with ichat and we could certainly do skype if needed for some work . Keep me in mind, www.professortosa.com
I think these ideas are sim[ply fabbo!
Nice work Jess.
Just checking I can add something here
I agree Jess - these ideas are fabbo :)
I am sat in your ICTEV presentation - will have a think about collaborative projects - i teach year 3 and would love to join your Internation Lunchbox page! Joanne Blannin
I teach in NZ. Our school year is slightly different and we have our summer break in January, so I'm not sure how we can do the timing, but I would love to be involved. I teach Year 5's (Grade 4). When does school start again for you?
Global SchoolHouse is a great site to go to for collaborative projects ideas and existing projects to join.

I'm looking for a class in a town with the same name as ours, Sharon. I'd like to videoconference with next year's grade 3 classes since they study their own town.

I'd like to connect up with classes in other states for our grade 4 geography unit on regions of the US or for our Canada and Mexico Unit.

Also sharing life science projects would be fun through Chat or Skype. We raise frogs, butterflies, mealworms, and plant at grades 3, 1, 2, and 4 respectively.
Please join the "Global Lean"

blog at http://globallean.edublogs.org
AND NING http://globallean.ning.com

Give the world a voice in a joyful celebration of diversity!

Thanks! Peggy Sheehy



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