I am trying to find some active, vibrant social networks for teachers in the various curriculum areas (science, math, and social studies, in particular) to share with teachers at an upcoming conference. I want them to be able to see the power of the connections and sharing and reflecting, in the content area.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look? (other than here at Classroom 2.0, of course)

I appreciate any help you can provide.


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Thanks for asking this. I did some looking around in this area a while ago and didn't find anything that I would send a newbie to join. Instead, I ended up recommending Classroom 2.0! What I considered doing was recommending certain blogs to subject area teachers, but I haven't done that for anyone but some English teachers yet. Do you think that following a blog that has active comments would be a good starting place for teachers?
try yahoo teachers or apple learning interchange. i haven't seen anything too exciting in the space.
Be sure to look at I think you'll find some there.

Actually, creating a directory of sorts for this, and encouraging their creation, is high on my project list! Want to collaborate?
I did end up there, Steve.
That is a great list
Yes, I would like to help.
I need to get through this weekend, first, though.

The problem we are seeing in our district and many in Connecticut is the lack of safety. Social networking is still in the infancy stage and is not appropriate for the elementary ages. Blogging is also very often a problem. Our school system is using Moodle, because of its closed system capability.
It is frustrating to me as a media specialist to have all these great tools. You design lessons, incorporate using a social networking model and then have to put the brakes on the project until the Tech Leaders Tweek the Kinks out of the application and feasibility of use. We have been using iChat quite often, incorporating its use with the curriculum. The students share ideas and reflect about topics with other schools, in and out of the district. What is great for the teacher is the ability students have to save and turn in a copy of their chat for review. It kinda keeps them a bit more honest. Well, I hope this adds to the groups discussion......with peace...and hope Wisteria
Hi Kevin,

I invite you to join and invite others to The Innovative Educator Social Network. We are relatively new, but pretty active. The network's description is: A space where educators connect to share ideas about enhancing education with 21st Century tools within content areas.

Most of the teachers here teach in what I call technology-rich schools, meaning all teachers have laptops, projectors and consistent and reliable access to laptops for their students.

I'd love for you to join us, take a look around, and share the network with any others you feel the network would benefit.
Thank you for the invite.
I will be sure to wander around in there.



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