I'm looking for some good sites that have physics animations. What I've found is usually hit and miss. They seem to be either too simplistic or intended for college level. When possible, I prefer to download them to my laptop because the web filter used in my high school seems to block anything even remotely useful.

Any suggestions?

I'm starting to play around with the idea of making my own because I can't find exactly what I want. Flash seems to be a possibility.

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The link is not working, Varnika. Looks like the link is incomplete.

Here is the complete link -

OOPS !!! Sorry, guess I got it wrong, thanks for the correction. Hope its of some help to Chris anyway.
You might find PHUN to be something you can use.

It's a 2d interactive physics simulator. Very easy to use and quite "ph"un!
Phun is excellent - works great on a whiteboard

on a related note there's games that use "real" physics

the Magic Pen game, a bit like phun, but with a purpose

the roller coaster game

and Launchball

Have you used PHUN? I'd like to try it on an interactive whiteboard. I posted about PHUN on my blog, which has a video-clip and links to the projects and free download of the application.

Engaged Learning and Social Physics: PHUN, an Interactive 2D Physi...
Try Teachers' Domain.

A lot of stuff from PBS. It's an excellent resource. You must register. There is material for a wide range of science topics at many levels.
Hi Chis,
Hope you find these useful. PhET - http://phet.colorado.edu/new/index.php one of the best that I have ever seen. Scivee - http://www.scivee.tv/tagadelic a great collection of videos created by scientists.
Java applets http://www.falstad.com/mathphysics.html
Explorelearning - http://www.explorelearning.com/index.cfm?method=cSearch.actDoSearch... free for 5 minute demos. Refresh the browser if necessary.
Have fun.



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