We are a group of educators who have been preparing for the last year to pitch a 20 page proposal to Google. We did an extensive research on the topic, looked at education market trends and much more. But before approaching Google who gets 50-100 pitches a day we would like to show them that beyond the research and the scholars there is a real need! Our proposal is about Google developing a search tool unique to the education community in the United States. A tool that will be developed by educators and students for us, with Google helping with the technology. But we need educators and students to voice their concerns, problems with what we have today, thoughts and ideas. We dream of a tool where if you attended a PD NY it will be added to a resources a teacher in Montana will be able to pull up. A tool where students researching a topic in CA will have access to links a teacher in TX posted.
Our local blog is just starting, feel free to post your comments directly on the blog, take a vote. We would like to hear what students have to say on the topic, a blog where students and educators can exchange ideas in one place on a specific topic. Hope to hear from you.


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Hi there from Australia - not just cross-continental connections- but worldwide communcation of educational tools and philosophies, emerging trends, research and effective teaching practise. You have my support!
Hi Britt,
Would have loved to travel to Australia - - someday. Thanks for your post. Currently our model is more on a continent (states) base for students. For educators, it is a great idea to share and work together on a larger scale.
Sounds like a great idea! Search engine ranking based upon teacher interest vs the "other" forces! :) I'm there!

Thanks for your post, Sue. You hit the nail on its head. It is time online tools will be created for our specific needs. Ranking the sites- is part of the deal too :)
I have emailed SEVERAL time asking for basically the same thing-a kid friendly search engine. Like Googley Eyes---putting little eye balls in the o's. A safe search site- I bet they coud even get educators to check out sites and rate them for free.
Hi kelley,

Thanks for your post. Our proposal is about safer Internet environment that is tailored to the needs of the education world but not excatly a kid's search engine.

Shuchi Grover posted on our www.cangooglehearus.blogspot.com site:

"Kelley, until some other solution comes along, use could try some kid-safe search engines (that use Google search with STRICT safe preferences and some other filtering) - like OneKey and Boolify (a new one that also teaches kids Boolean Logic and how to search that is being developed by some of my friends at the Harvard Grad School of Education)."

-Shuchi Grover



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