Webmail vs. Outlook Express (or any other pop3 client), which do you use and why?

I am interested in what other schools use for accessing email. Our email system is web and client, but I only provide the web. I've found that it's better to have your email accessible from anywhere, rather than stored on your computer at work where you can't get to it. But there are some drawbacks, server storage, lack of notification, etc. So how does your school do it and why?

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Our district had a web and client access, but the support for the client access was a big pain to maintain (it wasn't pop3 but more IMAP type of client based access). We were moving everyone to web-based access in order to have consistent access from everywhere and to reduce the support time for supporting local client-based access. In general teachers were okay with just the web-based access.
Thanks Brett! Yeah, I can't stand dealing with the problems associated with configuring and messing around with client-based problems. Its just easier to have everything centralized.



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