Best Practices for Implementing Games & Virtual Worlds in the Classroom

I am putting a quick overview together of best practices that teachers have learned from implementing games, simulations, and virtual worlds in their classrooms.

If you have been using these tools in your classroom please consider addressing the following questions:

1. What games are you using?

2. How do your organize your lessons and classroom when using games?

3. What skills does a teacher need to be comfortable/successful with these tools?

4. What resources have your found useful to support you (blogs, books, PD, etc.)?

5. When do students use the games (in class, lab, at home, etc.)?

6. What behavioral issues (if any) have you encountered and how do you manage them?

Thanks. Your comments may show up in a white paper that will be distributed for free.

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Google Kurt Squire - expert in the use of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) games in the classroom.

One big idea you will find is that the teacher's implementation of reflective activities is the key to success.



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