I recently interviewed about 12 students who are voluntarily using Web 2.0 tools and our school's Ning social network to enhance their education. Since only a couple teachers at our online school give students Web 2.0 options for assessments and promote the social network as a tool for learning, I wanted to see if it really helped the kids who were using them. So I asked. Turns out it does. I took their words and projects and created a video.

In Their Words

Has anyone else has had similar results in their classes, online or traditional? Has anyone had the opposite results?

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This is great!!! I love that you took the student's and made a video of what they thought about it. I am going to share this w/ the other tech's in this district and my last school district.
David- I appreciate the feedback, glad to hear your district is interested in this topic:)
Excellent video! It is impressive how your students actually feel that Web 2.0 is helping them with their education. While my students aren't using Web 2.0 tools to the extent yours are, I do have several students who felt our classroom ning site was valuable as a communication tool. They knew that if I wasn't at school for whatever reason, they could ask questions on the ning site and either I or another student would answer their question. I felt they utilized the ning site far beyond what I was expecting when I started it. There are a few other Web 2.0 sites that my students enjoyed, but most were more along the lines of photo enhancements and other "fun" sites.
The ning has been huge for our school. Since most of our kids dont meet others in their online courses face to face, its hard to get any collaboration and hard to get help when you need it. The ning network really addresses these issues. Thank for the compliment on the video, great to hear those kids say what you hope is happening outloud.
Cory: Have you posted the video here? You can do so and get comments here on it.
I haven't yet, but I will.



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