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A school that I am working with has been offered a good price on UMPCs for use with staff and, potentially students for the 1:1 program that they are embarking upon. The school has been looking at tablet PCs and we were geared up for working with these in August with the staff for the new school year. For reasons I can't go into here, they are being forced to investigate the use of UMPCs.

My initial comments about these are that they do not offer the full fuctionality of the tablets as the small keyboard is a great limitation. I cannot, however, comment as I have no direct experience of thier use in Education. Is there anyone on this list who can?



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There are tons of forum online about the Asus EeePC.
Here's a link to a blog from Oregon where they have piloted them;


Hope this helps.
Thanks for this Arlene,

I am a big fan of the sub-notebooks like the EeePC and the mininote.

Problem is that this school is being pressured to look at the UMPC. In Particular the Samsung Q1.

My feeling is that the subnotebooks offer better value for money but I need to have some hard data or comments from folk using the UMPCs to back this up.





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