Can any very resourceful and experienced readers assist me? I am trying to use short video clips from my Panasonic camera - I am able to view them with Quicktime, but the files are too big, even though they are only a few minutes long. I have tried to convert them using Zamzar, but they are taking hours to upload. Is there another solution to reducing their size, so that I can upload them to TeacherTube and/or use them on my blog?

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Converting video files with sound is a very processor intensive effort. In order to minimize the time it takes, you will want to do video conversions on the most powerful computer you have.
That said, you need to find a video converter either paid or freeware.
I did a quick google search for quicktime to avi converters:
here is a free one.

Here is another free one called "Super" . I have used this one and it handles many types of video conversions. However it is "interface challenged" meaning it can take some time to figure out how to use it.

here is another free one called 'Prism" that I have used to teach elementary kids how to convert videos. It's free, but they install a bunch of extra links in your "programs' menu. Those links are for all kinds of other media conversion products that they sell. I delete all that stuff. I have not found any of the stuff to be spyware or adware, just benign links to their site. Anyway try at your own risk. The interface is easy to understand it has worked well for the kids.

On my Mac, I use a nice one called 'VisualHub" it's not free, but it's very easy to understand, works very fast on my MiniMac.

Convert your files locally, not online, get the file sizes you want and then upload to video sharing site.

Good luck.

Those are for windows machines.
Thanks so much Steve! I guess I'd be better off with one of those nifty little USB video cameras that can be transferred directly to a computer file. I am trying to work with the technology I already have. I don't need the sound - I was going to record a script to go with the vision using Vegas or similar. It's all a bit experimental for me at the moment - so thanks again for your help.
Best regards, Britt Gow.
Pazera worked a treat - quick and easy to download and I had no trouble using it to convert my files. I have imported the files into Windows Moviemaker and now I am working on adding an audio commentary. Look out TeacherTube!
Thanks Wade - I will use your suggestion for my next project. I have successfully uploaded my file "Lambing in Hawkesdale" - a clip showing an assisted birth of twin lambs at our farm in Hawkesdale, Australia.
Are u doing this on a PC or Mac, if u are doing this on a mac u can use iMovie to convert the quicktime file, but just dropping it into iMovie then goto File/Sharing and select the way u want to export it, if u choose web streaming or some other smaller sized format that should cut down on the file size big time.
If you are using a Mac as I do, you might try Streamclip. You can convert your video and also choose the part of your video you like and easily trim the clip. I use it all the wonders form me.
Thanks for your asistance Ron and David,
I am using a PC, so I may have to look carefully at the PC/Mac option next time I upgrade. There is a discussion somewhere here on classroom 2.0 about that very thing.......



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