Hi all! I looked high and low for a group for elementary reading teachers on this Classroom 2.0 site, but couldn't find what I was looking for, so I began a new group. http://www.classroom20.com/group/elementaryreadingteachers
Feel free to join me OR to let me know of any similar groups that I could join.

-Michelle TG

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Found you again! OF course I'll join and I'll ask some help in the group shortly with a new project for Classroom 2.0 and books!

We really need teachers helping to sort the chaff from the hay, so to speak -- when it comes to books...

HI Michelle! I would be happy to join your group of elementary reading teachers. Thanks for contacting me.
This is a great site titled Iit2go; I thought I would share it with the group. You could search books and poems by author or title and download an audio file or print a hard copy from your computer. Pretty cool.


That site is great! Thanks a million! I appreciate all sites with audio, so helpful for language learners. Lots of great literature there......

I've also begun making some videos of the Aesop's stuff. Find them on our site in real karaoke (better quality) or on our youtube channel. (look under stories)

here's an example.

Also, I've made an Elementary CR20 booklist. So many great books recommended by members in the CR2.0 bookstore. I've already bought a few!

Just another "Shout Out" to all of the Elementary teachers among the Classroom 2.0 members. If you teach reading at all, join us at the Elementary Reading Teachers group.
Did this group ever get going? Would love to find some colleagues...I'm going to be teaching online (as well as private tutoring) but will miss my colleagues terribly!

I'm looking for places to stay in touch with people, share ideas, etc.

Hope you know of something I can follow or join or....???


Hi Michelle!
I would love to join your group. Being new to this site, I'm just trying to figure out all the many different areas and discussions and feel somewhat overwhelmed right now. Anyway, I actually teach first grade, and have for 6 years. Reading instruction is highlighted at our school and we have restructured the way we teach reading and it seems to be successful. As you know, teaching reading is so diverse, we can never know enough about it and reading teacher peers are our best resources!

- LaRissa



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