Gosh! I'm sorry I didn't think of this first, but we really SHOULD introduce ourselves, shouldn't we? :-)

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Hi, I am a 2nd teacher in Iowa. This is my 3rd year teaching and I am finally feel that I have a grasp on the curriculum that I can now start making some things my own.

Blogging is a hobby of mine and I have used technology to do video blogging and am on Twitter. I am interested in figuring how to use blogging, Twitter, videos, podcasts, etc with 2nd and 3rd grade students. So far, I have made videos of some reader's theater performances.
I am also interested in figuring out how to use blogs and podcasts with grade 2 students. I have a teacher blog and I've used blogs with grade 6 math students in the past but never with 7 and 8 year olds.
Hi. I'm a learning co-ordinator (AKA consultant) for literacy grades 4-10 with the Thames Valley District School Board in Canada.
Hi, I am so glad to find this group. I am a first grade teacher in VA. I love teching reading more than pretty much anything else. Adding technology to this has become a slight obsession as I seem to love technology and cool gadgets almost as much. (you just can't beat a good book) I challenge myself to think of creative ways to use web 2.0 and other gadets, but frankly it can be very challenging to do with 6 and 7 year olds and feel like it is a true learning experience. I don't want to do technology just for the sake of technology.

Here is my web page

Parents seem to enjoy this and the kids like the student showcase section.

I recently started a classroom blog http://mrspatterson.edublogs.org/
Every polite conversation starts with an introduction, so here we go. . .

I'm a grad student working toward a master's degree Library Media Studies, about halfway done with my program. I have an Elementary license, and I have four years' experience working as Elementary Library Teacher.

I am currently working as a reading teacher for a private company, and I love it! The mixture of teaching and part-time schedule is fabulous for me for right now. I am passionate about kids and books, and I love watching kids succeed and feel good about themselves.

My blog for one of my classes: http://lbs850.blogspot.com
My Delicious account: http://delicious.com/phenderson22
My Twitter account: http://twitter.com/phenderson22

Looking forward to learning with all of you!

My name is Sarah Lindmeier and I am a Reading Intervention teacher for Jeffco Schools in Colorado. I have taught reading interventions for three years now and am anxiously awaiting my turn in a classroom. My friend referred me to this group because she saw that you were discussing a book by Debbie Miller. (She knows my true love for her.) I am hoping that I can hop into your conversation about it. Thanks for a great group!

My name is Susan James. I am a third grade teacher at a Title school in Auburn, Washington, (a suburb of Seattle.) I teach all subjects to my class of 25 and alternate teaching math and reading with my teaching partner. This is a second career for me. (My first career was in software development.) I have been teaching 6 years and love every minute.
My name is Amy Thompson, I'm very new to this group...but it seemed perfect! I have taught for 10 years here and there and currently teach 3rd grade in an affluent suburban Philadelphia school district. I'm hopeful that this will be a place to learn from others!
Hello, I'm a first grade teacher at a small private school. I have been teaching for 2 years now. I'm currently working on my masters degree to become a reading specialist. I love to teach reading and I love to use technology in my classroom. I'm looking for more ways to use technology in the classroom. It seems harder with the young ones who can't write much on their own yet.
This September will be my 7th year of teaching. I taught a kindergarten special day class for 5 years, last year I taught general ed 3rd and next year I'll be teaching general ed kinder. I took a web 2.0 class and had a whole new world opened up to me. Due to limited technology at my school, I wasn't able to incorporate very much into my classroom. This summer, my school is having smart boards installed, so I'm excited to get started with that and introduce meaningful technology to children at such a young age.
Hello Everyone, I'm Trisha Nelson and so glad I found your group. This group sounds amazing! I am married and have 2 children, 4 dogs and a cat (who WE live with, LOL). I am currently pursuing a Masters in Education K-6 at Salem College in North Carolina. I hopefully will graduate in 2010. I presently work at a middle school in the Exceptionalities Class also known as Exceptional Children. I love reading time because I get the students engaged with the story by creating the just right reading environment. So there's a mini description of me and I look forward to chatting with you all.
Sure! I teach 5th grade at a Title I school in Covington, Georgia. I have a masters in Reading and have taught for 28 years. I am interested in staying current and innovative with my students' instruction as well as sharing ideas and research.



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