How Should We Decorate a Technology Classroom with a Web 2.0 spin?

Web 2.0 is collaborative an personal, so shouldn't classroom decorations be as well?

I have to admit I am very much not the decorator. I thought that I could use the students in the first or second day of classes to create some artwork using the color printer. But what? Any 2.0 artwork sites out there that we can use?

Far from doing the traditional "teacher store" posters and borders, shouldn't there be a Web 2.0 solution to this problem? What are your ideas?

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How about choosing a personal quote for the year, they then can choose font and border, print them and mount them on construction paper. Here's some quotes to get started with

I've also seen student made posters using words like perservence, trust, friendship, etc. that include a photograph.
I have heard of a web wall, where students write on it, with sites they like. But my students were not very commital to putting up their favourites.

I may build up and add my own preferences over the year. Last year I collected computer cartoons over the year, and stuck them up on one board over the year.
Not sure if this will help, but check out my K-8 Computer Labs Flickr group for ideas.



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