Has anyone seen a program or _____ that would allow a project for buying, selling and tracking stock portfolios? This would be a 4th grade class, but go crazy on what you've done and seen. Thanks!

Interested in collaborating on such a project?

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Have you seen this? The Stock Market Game
Could go with the Wall Street Journal's Market Watch stock exchange game --- http://vse.marketwatch.com

I have worked with both. The Stock Market Game allows for more control as far as you are concerned. The only problem is that it is harder for younger students to follow. The VSE Marketwatch is very current. There is only a 20 minute delay in buying and selling stocks (SMG is one day). The SMG does have a curriculum that goes along with their game. You do have to pay a small fee I think (at least in Nebraska), but the curriculum is very good and customizable for grade level.

Good luck!

PS I have some former students that are graduated that still use the VSE to play against each other.
After the way the market has been the last few months I don't know if I'd want to look at it in class every day!! Yikes.
You all have helped tremendously. This is for a teacher in my district and I'm afraid that when he asked me to guide him I had no idea. So, what did I do? I turned to my C 2.0 friends! Thanks!



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