Our math and science teachers just got tablet computers this fall. We are looking for resources to help them use them most effectively with students. If you know of any good websites or resources we could use to help please let me know.

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Probeware removes students from data taking, a key skill in science. I recently read a paper that compared science labs with and without probeware. They found no improvement in learning with the probes.

Automated data capture may be what many new lab instruments do, and that's for volume analysis. For understanding the nitty-gritty of science, there's nothing like doing your data capture yourself. You should ask how your lab goals are enhanced by probeware. Be specific and avoid generalities such as "higher-order thinking."

Too many people use gadgets just because they're new and glitzy and, well, gadgets. That's fine at home but could be asking for trouble in classrooms.
Hi Frances,
Feel free to try eNoteFile - notetaking and filing.
Originally designed for healthcare - ideal for tablets.
I would give these a try:
Phun - http://www.phunland.com
Edusim - http://edusim3d.com
EToys - http://www.squeakland.org
If you do anything with OneNote (and if you use tablet PCs you absolutely should!), you need to follow this guy: http://blogs.msdn.com/onenote_and_education/default.aspx

They call him the OneNote Ninja and he's super passionate about OneNote in Education. He's also a really nice guy!



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