I'm not certain if there exist a community interested in the educational aspects of gaming with students. I recently participated in a session with Ewan McIntosh about the possibilities of using gaming with students and wondered if there were any educators interested in the same topic. I've put together a wiki Gaming in Education to encourage collaboration on the topic if anyone is interested. You'll find the links and articles that were discussed at the session and a few others that I discovered in my own research of the topic.


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I am interested in this area, but I've been so busy recently that I haven't had much time to visit Classroom 2.0 or even keep up-to-date with my e-mail.

I am interested in Games for Health in K-12 settings, as well as games that support social skills and mental health. I would also like to see game design used as a tool in our high schools to encourage at-risk students to learn more about math, computer graphic design, electronic music, and computer programming. Most love to play games, and making their own games, using a team approach, would be motivating.

By working on a team project game, the students would also have the opportunity to learn important "people" skills, or pro-social skills that would help them in the job market.

I'm a school psychologist, and I've taken a couple of game design courses. Learning how to program through working on game projects motivated me to take more computer classes, at mid-life.

Hi Lynn,

Doesn't exactly fit in the games category but Scrub Club is a good resource for Health classes in the K - 4 area.

I am participating in the K-12 online global conference and just watched and listened to the presenter Ollie Bray from Scottland. His presentation, Using computer games as a context for learning and social interaction, was amazing. Who knew that by using Guitar Hero, so many different cirrumlum would be touched upon. If interested here's the link to his presentation. http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=531 He also has links to his blog and projects.



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