This site has piqued my interest in training students to listen - in order to learn - considered vital for dyslexics and ESL students who can't handle printed text that well.

Are there other good class teaching materials (for adults as well as children!) I could be directed to?

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Hi Rebecca,

I have a whole listening page on EFL Classroom 2.0. Lots of stuff but really, everything/all the content on the site has audio. My belief in "richness" of lesson content (and delivery :)). Take a look. You will find the Listening page on the Site Map but also take in the Audio stories and karaoke. Music is a great way to get them to listen.

I love the game , Last one Standing. I have a few ppts of this in our Resources / Share area under ppt games. But really just write some main vocab words from a song on the board (the more repetitive the better). Students chose one word and write it on a big piece of paper, stand and hold up. When they hear their word , they sit down . If repeated, they can stand up.....Last one standing wins. Play in groups, that way if a group member wins, they all win too......

Just off the top of my head. Cheers,


PS. dyslexics and the learning disabled would do very well by our karaoke. You can make your own but get the player and songs on our karaoke page. This is a very successful way to present rich content.



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