I spent some of my summer researching how to provide photo, music, & video attribution and thought I had a handle on it.... My specific concern right now is videos as the district is blocking many of the sites and the built in attribution is now gone. So my question is this -- if I pull something from, let’s say YouTube, to Edublogs.tv and then embed it in my blog post how should I handle attribution. Also, knowing that I can pull videos from one place to another also means someone else can too — how do you provide proper attribution when it may be two or three “owners” removed from the actual owner. I look forward to your inisght… feel free to pass along your thoughts on photos and music as well.

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This is a topic I'm starting to tackle myself. I'm still a complete novice and don't have much I can offer, but I have found Creative Commons a wealth of information and resources.
Thanks for the help and link (while I have perused Creative Commons before I had missed the video that I will soon be using with my students). Recently I was pointed in the direction of Copyleft resources. Unfortunately, I have not come across a clean way to attribute recognition when it comes to videos.
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