I just took a position at a small K-8 catholic school teaching PE. I have now been assigned to teach computer lab half time. I am a PE teacher and have no experience teaching computers. I am scared to death and do not know where to start. I will see 1st through 8th twice a week for 40 minute sessions. We have laptops with Mavis Bacon Typing and Office 2003 and Kidpix that is all. I do not have a curriculm to follow or where to start with lesson plans. Can anyone maybe mentor me? You all sound like you know so much. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Boy you've got your hands full!! Curriculum in computer lab has been discussed several times in this forum. Check here and here and you will see tons of people ready to share. I'm not a computer teacher, but my advice is to educate yourself here and by reading several books, like this one, on current topics and come up with a plan. Good Luck, N.
You might want to head over to the Elementary Tech Teachers ning and take a look around. There are lots of ideas there.
Lorri, Nancy listed great resources for you.

Also, please check out the Elementary Tech Teacher Ning. You will find more info than you know what to do with!
Gee Amber - great minds and all that.
Hi Lorri - in addition to the other suggested resources check out the bookThe Computer Lab Teacher’s Survival Guide—K-6 Units for the Whole Year Although it's getting a little old (2003) it still has some good ideas - I've had teachers use it and worked well, you can order it online from ISTE, it costs $ but might be worth it as it would give a bank of lessons to get you going.
Lorri, also, please check out my computer lab activities wiki.
Thank you all for your help. Today was my first day. It was crazy glad it is over. I would have never made it through without all your ideas. I am not sure this is for me, but, I will give it a try. The kids know so much more than me. I am not even sure how I should set up the computers (sign in, folders, etc.) I did find out today that I am truly computer illiterate. Thanks again, any help is greatly appreciated.

Next year I will be in the same situation. I will be teaching part-time computer science to K-8 in a small catholic school. My original license is in early childhood. I am knowledgable in computer softwares but just like you I am not sure where to start either. I will see K through 8th once a week for 40 minute sessions. I do not have a curriculm to follow or lesson plans. I saw the suggestions other people gave you and I will look at them. However, in your opinion, what was most helpful? Did you use any other resources? Do you have any advice, do and don't?

Don't teach because it's in the curriculum. Teach because it's useful for the kids. Talk to the teachers, find out what applications will be useful for the students now (just in time - not just in case), and teach how to use them so that it will help things in class. My recent favourite site is bubbl.us which is a free mindmapping site. It takes one lesson to get their heads around it and then they can map their questions for research or what they already know. The mind map can be printed in colour in A3 (and A4).
Sure. What do you need? I am an Instructional Technology Specialist so what I do for a living is give teachers ideas on how to incorporate technology into their curriculum. First, get with the team leader for each grade level and find out what they are covering in class. Then get back with me and I'll help you come up with some ideas on how to integrate KidPix and Office programs within the content areas. Sound good?


Your offer sounds great! I start next year though. So I will probably contact you in August.




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