W/ so many to choose from I thought I would ask which one you think is best.

My top choices are:

-Snap Pages
-Wix (flash based)
- Synthasite

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I'm going to have to look at your list, because I don't know any of them. For website creation, I'm a HUGE www.weebly.com fan.
I do enjoy Weebly too, I think that might be the most "user friendly" of the apps I've tried.
What's the deal with weebly? It looks almost too good to be true. Other than having to try 20 different site names before I found one that was available (finally got onto adding # to my preferred name), it was easy to use and shows a nice product. I wonder how long it will be free with NO ads.

Snappages, Wix and Webon had some racy (for elementary) content available on the front page and Wix offered to pimp your photos!

Can't decide whether to share it with kids and let them go at it for ridiculous "kid" websites, which IMHO we don't need more of; or save it for a project!
Weebly has an upgraded product, which I bought immediately ($4.99/month?), that takes away the promotional links and gives you up to 10 sites per account, and increased storage and bandwidth, the ability to password protect your site, and more.

I currently think of Weebly as the great example of giving you a lot for free, and making it compelling and attractive to upgrade. Hope they can stay that way.

Also, btw, you can use their service to build your site and then archive or publish the site on another server (all except the blog, which of course requires a link to their database, I'm sure).
Steve, Did you get my message about being a greeter?
I'm a huge fan of synthasite. You can make very nice pages, embed things easily, and there is no advertising. It is also completely free. They reworked their site a few months ago with some major updates.

Here is an example from synthasite.
Nice site, thanks!!
Love wix!! Here are some that I enjoy using.
Webnode- great design, easy to use and deveolop nice looking web sites.
Weebly- very easy, nice templates and format.
Freewebs- totally free, simple to use.
Glogster - very nice for a graffiti looking page.
Doodlekit- one of the easiest to use.
Roxer- simple tool for nice looking web sites.



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