I'm looking for free teacher recommended, student-friendly clip art sites. Do you have a favorite?

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Try these, as far as I know they are copyright free.
Hi Lorraine - I have used Classroom Clipart (over 60,000 free images in categories and searchable by keyword) with good results.
Thanks Greg,
Lots of good choices here as well. Many that I have never seen before. I wonder if Google has ever considered a database of images that are copyright free and student friendly. Students often go to google to search but it's not foolproof even with the safe-search on. Thanks.
When I think about it I rarely use clipart any more. I like photographs so much better.
Thanks for the links for images. Very useful. I want to be able to list 10 or more links that students can go to to find images for their projects. Often their first choice is google images but even with the 'safe search' on, there are sometimes surprises as well as copyright issues.
I am a huge opponent of "free surfing". I worry more about the waste of time than the unsavory images. I also demand that my kids cite every image they use, especially if we are posting to the web. I've been using tech with my kids for over 20 years and I won't allow them to produce junk!! haha. Good luck with your searching. N.
I love Discovery Education's Clip Art Gallery!
Thanks Lyn! I like the style of drawing and the options of color or black and white.
This week we tried Stock.xchng. Our filter doesn't block it, and they license the vast majority of the images for use on public websites, etc. Therefore, it's a reasonable substitute for Flickr's Creative Commons photos. Nice images.
Link doesn't work! yikes
I took a look at Stock.xchng and I enjoyed it very much. I have never been a fan of the everyday clip art because they do not seem to have substance or much meaning. This site gives a wide array of copy right friendly photos. These photos and clips will make projects more interesting and give students a better chance to use their imaginations.
Thanks Lyn...that's a great site.



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