Is there a way to download and save an outline map and then open it up in a paint program to paint each state a different color?

This seems like it would be simple but I have spent too much time trying to figure it out and I'm getting nowhere quickly.

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Ok, find a map like this one Copy it. Open Microsoft Paint, be sure the white "canvas" is big so you can rotate the map. Click control V to paste the map into Paint. This map needed to be rotated. Color the map and save as a jpeg. With some practice you can lable it, too. If you need to crop it then draw a square around the image, and click Control C to cut and open a new Paint window (it'll ask you whether you want to save, say NO) After the new window is open click Control V to paste the cropped map. Save a jpeg. Here it is

Nice, actually, the teachers at the elementary campus will have their students fill in the colors, but that should be easy enough to teach them.

You are a savior!!
Just use the little paint bucket to fill. Here is a better size---cropped. Have you ever seen the math problem called the Four Color Theorem? It contends that any flat map can be colored with 4 colors and no two areas next to each other will be the same color.

Thank you....and no, I had never heard of the Four Color Theorem. That is interesting.
You should try it some time with kids and see if they can figure it out. Didn't mean to crop off New England! N.
When I copy a map from the internet and open it in paint, I am able to fill it in with the paint bucket. When I take a picture with the document camera (ELMO) and save the image the same way, I cannot fill it in with color. Any suggestions?

Thank you,
The camera has taken a picture of the map and the pixels are flattened or merged. I don't know enough to explain technically but there is no fix. It's like all the pixels are glued together, not open waiting to be filled with color. How's that for a high tech explanation!! Maybe someone who actually knows what happens will chime in and give you a more high fallutin' reason. haha. N.
You may be able to trace the lines and recreate the spaces to fill. Haven't tried it on maps, but have done it on photos before. Although it may be easier to find the map somewhere else?

You can also accomplish this in PowerPoint.
Just insert US map. Right click-group-ungroup. You may have to do this twice because it just separates the map from the shadow the first time you ungroup. Once it is properly ungrouped, click off (outside of pic) so that you don't move anything. Next, click on state you wish to manipulate. Color as desired. If you are using Office 2007, you can do cool things using MS Elements. Very important - You should regroup once done by selecting all-right clicking-regroup. Finally save as a jpeg! You're done
see us map jpg. Notice the states that have been formatted.
Wow! That looks awesome. Thank you....I think my teachers will like this way once they get the hang of it.



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