i have found this wikipedia source, but i am hoping someone can give me an academic source that highlights these personal characters of an adult learner.

would be most grateful if someone can come up with a result :-)

thanks Steve

“i) Self-control - restraint, emotional control ii) Stability - stable personality, strength iii) Independence - ability to self-regulate iv) Seriousness - ability to deal with life in a serious manner v) Responsibility - accountability, commitment and reliability vi) Method/Tact - ability to think ahead and plan for the future, patience vii) Endurance - ability and willingness to cope with difficulties that present themselves viii) Experience - breadth of mind, understanding ix) Objectivity - perspective and realism” Wikipedia (2008, section 3)

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Hi Steve, if you google andragogy and Knowles Theory of adult learning or anything similar, you will get academic sources. Knowles coined the term andragogy to differentiate adult learners from compulsory-aged learners.
Ok Marie,

Many thanks for your input



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