A new kind of SmartBoard: Multi-User, Multi-Touch SMART Table for Education

I heard a rumor that SMART Technologies was planning to develop a SMART Table, and now I know the rumors are true. Below is a link to my blog post, with pictures, a video clip, press release information, and information for potential developers:

A new kind of SmartBoard: Multi-User, Multi-Touch SMART Table for E...

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Hey Lindsey,
Once I locate the links, I'll pass them to you.
Awesome, thanks!

These are 10K for the small system and BIG BUCKS for the larger display.

I am an independent dealer....send me an email vised@optonline if you have questions about striking out on your own...It's a little scary sometimes, but a lot more fun.
Lynn and John:

You seem to be passionate about emerging technologies for education- so is the educational technology community that contributes to this Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SmartEdServices

I asked the them, "What was the most advanced technology used when you were in school?" The responses are great! They include VCR, laser pointer, typewriter, floppy disc, and the list continues. I would love your input! http://bit.ly/d0VGfd

Also, I want to be clear about something. Although SmartEd Services is a technology reseller, our mission is to create understanding, not simply to sell “stuff.” We seek to provide educators with the best input on the most recent educational technology advances and we're learning more each day from expert educators like you. Our goal is to create transformative classrooms whose barriers are simply the ends of the Internet.

We also give back to the educational community by offering free educational technology conferences around the region. I just don't want you to feel as though I am trying to "sell" you something. I'm enjoying engaging and sharing tools to make teaching more effective and fun for students. Just thought I would share so that we are all on the same page.

Hey Lindsey!
I'm laughing at myself right now! I checked out the facebook question, and I could not figure out how to add a response! DUH! Old dogs and new tricks! So! I'll add answer here!

Grammar School...A Nun who could detect a comic book hidden under any worksheet or text book. I lost more comic books that way, and knelt in the hall alot!

High School! A transistor radio with a wired earpeice that could be descretely run through my shirt sleeve. This allowed me to listen to music while resting my head in class. This activity usually resulted in a well aimed piece of chalk, and Saturday detention.

College...FINALLY..The first handheld calculator, Texas Instruments "Electronic Slide Rule" It sold for $350.00 in 1969. Minimum wage was $67.00 a week then. I could not afford to buy one until 1978, OH YEAH! Credit Cards did not exist!
Wow, a radio and a calculator. Times have changed.

If you want to write on the Facebook wall, you just have to click 'join' to be able to post. Are you on Facebook?
Hey Lindsey,

My learning curve has flatlined!

I think the globe would be great for the school library- media center.
Hi Lynn,

The globe is beautiful, it represents what some technology advances can acheive to help us visualize a vastly complicated dynamic system, the Earth.

I just was awed by the product. It does have the WOW! factor. But it costs a bundle of dough! 10K at least....Best setting is a museum.




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