I am new to the 2.0 world having only being fully introduced to the term a mere month ago. I have learned so much in the past month.

I am so excited about preparing for the next school using 2.0 products.
My school has serious communication issues. In short there is no communication. Teachers aren't aware that Field Day is next week.
I am so tired of this and have decided I need to do something about it.

My question is is there any web 2.0 product that is helpful in communication.

Thanks for your help.

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Well, it's "old fashioned," but I've known a few schools that just e-mail everyone when there's something important. It doesn't have to be the latest technology to be effective.
Carolyn, I agree with all that has been said above, it seems that no matter what tools you make available, some teachers are just not going to use them.
I can tell you what happens in my school and it took years to get going. The secretary keeps a list of school events. Everything and anything goes on the list, from individual class events, to field trips, to meetings, to faculty events. Anyone who wants something added to the list just sends an e-mail to the secretary. She updates the list once a week. We get an e-mail attachment with the events list, with updates highlighted in yellow.

Not terribly high-tech but now nobody can say they didn't know something was scheduled.



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