Learning process has to be easier and easier. There are so many options available today and with Web 2.0 concepts everything is shrinking. There are so many options to explore in today's education community especially online education.

We have recently launched a new education platform for both teachers and learners. We got a very good response from the teachers who really wanted a platform to directly interact with students via virtual classroom.

Then, we decided to also invite some of the teachers who are masters in their respective fields and requested them to conduct PUBLIC ONLINE SESSIONS. In the recent public sessions that we had, the response was awsome. One of the reputed teachers conducted a session on "Home School Primer on College Admission" and to my surprise one of the attendees called 5 families to take part in this ONLINE SESSION and everybody appreciated the information shared by our dear teacher.

So, I think there are loads of information scattred here and there but still a student needs an expert guidance so the ONLINE PUBLIC SESSIONS are a wonderful thing.

We are working to make this educational portal more and more user friendly and useful as we also provide the RECORDINGS of these sessions though our SESSION ARCHIVES.

Still a lot to go in the online education!

Maneet S. Khurana
Project Leader

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Hi Maneet.

Does this lead to degrees or is it more of a tutoring/personal enrichment environment?
The concept is very interesting.
Hi Shayne,

I work with Maneet on WiZiQ. The parent company behind this is www.authorgen.com
We designed WiZiQ so that it becomes a platform where students and teachers connect with each other, all around the globe. We have developed quite a few software tools that can be used for educational purposes such as a virtual classroom for live teaching, a powerpoint sharing tool (like youtbe), a n authoring tool that allows you to record your audio, video with powerpoint slides. Some of these you would see on WiZiQ now and others in the next few weeks.
To answer your question, we intend it to be a place for a community of students and teachers who are self motivated to learn and teach. We definitely see some colleges and educational organizations using WiZiQ as a platform to teach for programs that ultimately lead to degrees. But degrees is not something that WiZiQ provides.



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