That seems to be a common cry from teachers. :-D

This summer I am teaching a class on projects you can do with your students or for your students to area educators. I am looking for examples and resources. I have found a few, but I'd like to know what everyone is using and what is prefered.

I really like PhotoStory3, MovieMaker, and VoiceThread. Are there any others you recommend?

I am also looking for examples I can use in class. Do you have any projects you or your kids have done that you are proud of? I'd love to share them with other teachers. Or, do you recommend any sites with examples already on there?

I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Lee Anne

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Just found a 3d browser which creates walk round galleries, of webpages, websites and photo albums. Galleries can be created automatically from flickr, google and other sites by adding the URL and/or tag. Alternatively "exhibits" can be added manually one by one. Could be an interesting way to introduce a topic or to publish student work that had been uploaded to flickr for instance. Here is a link a walk round exhibit of flickr photos tagged "surrealism". Clicking on the different exhibits takes you to their page on flickr. (chose surrealism after reading Elizabeth's reply).
As this is a browser it does involve a download and one has to sign up. Other features are simple avatar generator, a chat window, lead or follow someone else, buddies etc...
wow! Love the Thank you thank you thank you!

What a wonderful resource Classroom 2.0 is. I'm adding this site to my Web 2.0 tools survey class. Teachers have to know about this.
A project from our district that worked well can be found here:

The site explains the project, but also has a link to a webpage with all the finished photostory or moviemaker projects.

The students researched soldiers whose names were on the Vietnam wall and tried to tell a little of their story in these photostories.

Photostory worked pretty well and was easy to use. The main issue we had was helping them understand the difference between working in the project mode versus saving the final movie.

The other issue is...they need to start with content, and gather the information long before they begin working on the actual photostory. The content IS the story.

Another element to think about is how they will present the photostories, because students don't know how to "present" them in class, other than just showing them. So if we did it again, I'd add a rubric for the presentation piece, or handle that differently.
Carolyn, I loved what I found on your Vietnam Experience wiki. I looked at your example projects in the various formats. I couldn't find any of the student made projects though. I'm looking for some examples to show 8th graders before they begin their photostory diary project on the Holocaust.
Thanks for sharing.



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