Okay Fellow Tim-related travellers...

I have a few questions for you because I am writing a blog entry and I need some feedback before I write it.

I am writing about "Who is Web 2.0"

Being a former researcher numbers always are interesting to me.

So could you please answe the following demographic questions:

Years in education


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I am asking because I have a theory about who is Web 2.0 for Ed TEch and I want to see if I am correct....
Look at the above faces and see if you see a pattern...or patterns...

Tim, you should know as a researcher that you'll find the statistics you want depending on where you look for them. The network itself is neutral. The technology itself more so...... access -- yes, $ dependent and that applies through all races and cultures. But I'm off topic. I really am saying that each network will have its "adherents". Can't get passed that, like each person will have their own colour of hair. Doesn't make it anything but "natural".

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Human Being
15 years teaching
Seoul, Korea.



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