Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I know what you mean. I am not sure what the school is doing this year as we are going online with Edline for parents. I am not at all impressed with their version of Class homepages. I want to keep my Scholastic homepage as all my work is also stored there! Not only that but my students and parents actually use it! Last year, I had approximately 95 total students in 6 classes, and my homepage had 8549 total hits for the school year with the homework and announcement sections being most used.
Hello! I am so happy I found my way to this site! I am the proud 'mom' of a brand new computer lab in a brand new school in Painesville, Ohio - a eastern suburb of Cleveland. My district has never had a Technology Teacher for K-5! I am in a world new to all! I am so lucky!
I am a former 5th grade teacher with a new Tech MA - all I have to work with is Micro Office, the net, and a SMART Board - I will be searching here for 'stuff' to fill my days
I feel so 'old-school' - I am a little lost without a stack of textbooks to plan my lessons with?
Hi, I teach Middle School Japanese, outer SE Melbourne. This site was demonstrated at a staff meeting tonight, so I'm about to explore......
Hello, Brian Rehmann from Michigan here. This will be my first year teaching computers so I am glad to have found such a site.
Hi. I'm Colleen. I am a second-year high school English teacher from Illinois. I am interested, now that I have survived my first year, in incorporating technology more into my classroom. I have started with a class blog resource, and I hope to grow from there. Thank you for putting this site together!
I am a history teacher of 8th and 9th grade students. I am also the leader of a middle school team at a small private school. I am special ed certified and teach a population of students with ADHD and Asberger's Syndrome.
Yay more educational technology! I stumbled onto this site on a trackback from my own (someone here linked to me, woo hoo!) and can't wait to get involved. I attended a conference on Web 2.0 in the classroom back in April and that really fired me up to do more than just blogging!

I'm Kevin (AKA: Mr. Roughton) from Southern California and I teach 7th grade world history but I drown it in tech. Now, I hope to drown it in interactive tech!
Teresa Sutherland, Okemos, MI. I'm a 6th grade teacher at Laingsburg Middle School.
Kia Ora everyone,
Heath from New Zealand, teaching in a year 7/8 classroom. I've been implementing a few technologies into my classroom programme this year. As it is all about collaboration I thought I'd better start practicing what I teach. So here I am.

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My name is Cathy Laguna and I teach Science to 8th graders in Pennsylvania. I have spent about 2 years now learning some web 2.0 tools and am most comfortable with wikis, pageflakes, and voicethread. They have really transformed my classes and been very worthwhile investments in my opinion. I'm hoping to learn to get my classes connected in ways that help open the doors for students who are typically unmotivated in school so that they will be inspired to pursue their own educational interests.
My name is Jason Erk. I am currently teaching first grade. I'm from eastern PA, about an hour north of Philadelphia.
Hi everyone,
Colin Orton here. I am a Teacher Librarian, VCE Media Teacher and eLearning Coordinator from Melbourne, Australia. I'm looking forward to collaborating with you all.



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