Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello all! I am a middle school and high school biology teacher. In my endeavor to include inquiry-based learning, I stumbled upon web2.0 & fell in love. Only a year ago, I had no idea about twitter, blogging, wiking, google apps, embedding, widgets, social networking & bookmarking. Now, I'm not sure how to run a classroom without these tools. I am curious and love learning; this looks like an excellent place to continue my education. I look forward to exchanging ideas.

I am Mary Ann, a fine arts photographer and associate professor at Manhattanville College. Glad to be here:)
Hi, my name is Sheldon Huelin from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada (out in the North Atlantic). I'm an Environmental Scientist teaching General Science at Memorial University of Newfoundland. I'm looking forward to learning many things in the Classroom 2.0.
Hello, I am John Paulett. I teach Senior British Literature at Fenwick High School in Oak Park Illinois. Glad to meet all of you.
Hey Everyone..I am Susan from Florida and I really am going to enjoy this site..Hope to say Hi to a few of you soon..

Have a wonderful day.

M Name is Rhonda Smith. I am currently working as a Juvenile Detntion Officer for Bexar County. In addition, I am a researcher, in the middle of a research project aimed to improve the educational outcomes of students. I am looking for ideas on how social networking (Classroom 2.0) would work in a treatment facility.
I think you might find interesting material on blogging as a therapeutic activity - sort of a branch that has been developing from bibliotherapy.
I am Deborah Duncan. A 37 year teacher from a small town in Mississippi. Most of my years have been in the science classroom. I mostly teach Chemistry, Physics, and occasionally biological science. I have been waiting for computers to take a major role in education since the Tandy TRS80's. I am surprised it has taken so long. LOL
I'm Neal, a credential candidate (Biology) in the Bay Area. I heard about Classroom 2.0 while watching an Edutopia webinar on technology in the classroom, and decided to join the community. I am looking forward to learning from all of you and hopefully contributing as well.
My name is Suat. (淑珍). I am a Malaysian Chinese. I worked in Abu Dhabi Men's College for three yrs in our smart campus. Very exciting time in using various technologies esp. in our education without border conference.

Now, I am living in a very small community of 760 people, north of 64, Canada. Strong contrast to UAE situation.

Internet is a luxury here and as a community adult educator I am always looking forward to see how education + technologies move into new direction.

glad to be a member of this network.
Mollie McDougall, middle school Band and Orchestra teacher in Highland Park, IL. I am looking for ways to enhance my curriculum without taking away too much from the students' rehearsal time.
Hello Everyone!
I'm Leona White (currently an ITRT(Instructional Technology Resource Teacher In Alexandria, VA)...just for two more weeks, my position was cut due to budget contstraints) and I will be returning to the classroom (2nd grade teacher) this fall. I love technology and I hope to continue learning and facilitating workshops for teachers.



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