Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi, I'm Elizabeth Dill, B.S.Ed. currently a MLIS graduate student graduating in April. I am interested in incorporating social media in library instruction. I'm excited to find you!

Hello i am seo@Pluginlotto Team. We have developed lots of elgg plugins, And now we are moving to GUN LICENSE version 2 for all what we have developed so far.yet we did not release anything to the public. but soon we will release around 15+ plugins to the elgg community.

Hello there, Micah Gilbert, that's me. I am currently a full-time student at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN. I am enthusiastic about continuing my pursued career path in teaching at the Elementary Education grade level. I am originally from Pennsylvania, born and raised in the north, but southerner at heart.

Hi, I'm Scott.  I'm working my first full time teaching position now, but I have a varied past.  I've spent years as a Computer Technician, an Actor, a Campus Policeman, a Fisherman, you name it!

I love technology and I'm super glad to see a community like this one that I can be part of.

Carole Urbano, Cambridge, MA looking to connect with middle grades math teachers also working on some educational games initiatives.

I teach weekly computer classes in 4 small elementary schools in Wyoming.  Originally from Indianapolis.

My name is Scott Gardner. I am a teacher librarian at Beaverton PS in Beaverton, Ontario, Canada. with the introduction of the new Ontario school library document, The Learning Commons, our board has rocketed into the 21st century. I am hoping to lasso the rocket and get dragged along behind.

Hi Scott - I am switching from Tech to Library so I might need to jump on your rocket.

Hello! My name is Flérida, I´m teaching 3rd grade both turns, in a public elementary school in Tijuana, Baja California. We´re going to have an Spelling contest in June. In August I´m going to finish my Bachelor degree in Educational Technology. Then I´m goingo to move in León, Gto. Love that city a lot.

Hello colleagues,
I am from Serbia, a teacher. I am currently working on the inclusion. I have severalpapers published in Power Point.

Interested in organizing recreational education, younger age, 7-10 years.


HI Anka - What is recreational education?  I will be teaching in an elementary school as a librarian next year. How could we connect?

My name is Kimberly S. and I'm a 7th and 8th grade language teacher in Illinois. I also have a middle school endorsement in Social Studies and Science. I'm currently working on my master's degree (graduating in Dec. - God-willing!) in Education with a focus on Teaching and Technology. I graduated with my undergrad in 2008 and I have taught at Catholic schools before taking a position at a university library. I'm not getting back into teaching and just landed another position at a Catholic school for the 2012-13 school year. Very excited. I'm hoping to be able to network with other technology specialists as well as teachers who have experience in middle school language arts programs.






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